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Hiking to Reids Peak, Uintas, Uinta peaks, hiking in the uintas, hiking in utah with dogs

Reids Peak (11,708 ft) is located in the High Uintas Wilderness, just off the Mirror Lake Highway. While its neighbor peak, Bald Mountain, see hundreds of hikers each summer, less than 50 people will make the Reids Peak summit each year, and for good reason. There is no trail to the summit and requires light scrambling, so it's not a good peak for the average/newbie hiker. Typically, only experienced peak baggers are the ones looking to make the summit, and knowledge of route finding will make this hike successful. 

Backpacking the Yellow Pine Trail, UintasThe Yellow Pine Trail is one of the first trailheads you will pass after entering the Mirror Lake Highway, coming from Kamas, UT. The trail leads to three lakes - lower & upper Yellow Pine Lakes, as well as Castle Lake. You can also day hike to Duke & Castle Peak, both over 10,000 ft. This is a great early-season backpacking route when the higher Uintas is covered in snow. The trail is mostly well shaded and offers plenty of water along the way for your pup to drink from or to filter from. It is slightly steep and rocky in sections, so this trail took longer to reach the lakes than anticipated. The best time to hike here is late June though October, or when the first snow flies.

Hiking to Mt. Aire, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Hiking to Mt. Aire (8,621 ft) may not be the highest peak in Millcreek Canyon nor the surrounding area, but it does offer a fantastic view in all directions.  This short but steep trail is great to do as an after work hike with your dogs or friends, since it only takes about 2-3 hours round trip. The most popular route to summit  Mt. Aire is via Elbow Fork in Millcreek Canyon, and it is only 2 miles to the top. This trail is nicely shaded and there is a year round stream up until the ridge; after that, you will hike through scrub oak to the summit. Keep your eyes out for moose - they like to hang out in the lower meadow.

Hiking to Mann's Peak, LaSal Mountains, Hiking in Moab, Utah

Mann's Peak (12,272 ft) 5th highest peak in the LaSal Mountains, and one of seven "12ers" in the range. The LaSal Mountains are the 2nd highest mountain range in Utah, behind the Uinta Mountains. Mann's Peak is easily accessible by a trail the entire way from the West at Warner Lake Campground, or coming from the East in Beaver Basin. The trail itself is mostly well-shaded, with plenty of water from the Dry Fork Mill Creek. As you reach the saddle, you'll hike above tree line and will be fully exposed. Start hiking early in the morning to beat the afternoon thunderstorms that occur almost daily in this mountain range. The best time to summit is Summer and Fall (typically late June to the first snowfall in October).

The 6 Steepest Hikes in the Wasatch Mountains,. Utah peak baggers, Wasatch peak baggers, hiking in the Wasatch

Check out the Top 6 Steepest Hikes in the Wasatch Mountains! The Wasatch Mountains are known for the amazing scenery, wildlife, easy access to wilderness, and #beUtahful trails. Included in that list are peaks - with over hundreds of peaks to hike, you're sure to find something for everyone. But what if you like a big challenge, and like hiking where most people don't go? Do you like pushing your legs until they turn to jelly? Breathing so hard you feel like you're about to pass out? If that sounds like fun to you (it is for me haha!) then keep reading.

Hiking to Grandeur Peak, Millcreek Canyon, Utah, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

Grandeur Peak (8,299 ft and pronounced like "grand-er") is the one of the high points in Millcreek Canyon, and offers fantastic views of the SLC Valley and into Parley's Canyon. Grandeur Peak is also a perfect intro to Peak Bagging - the fairly short trail with a moderate elevation gain makes it one of the easier peaks to summit with little effort (compared to some of the other peaks in the area). For beginner hikers, this may be considered a tough hike due to the same reason Peak Baggers consider it easy - it is only 6 miles round trip and gains 2,900 ft elevation.

Hiking Mahogany Mountain, Utah county, utah peak baggers, hiking in utah with dogs, Utah's best peaks

Mahogany Mountain (9,001 ft) is located in Utah County, and considered one of the steepest hikes in the Wasatch. In just 3.5 miles to the summit the trail gains 4400 ft! Mahogany Mountain often gets overlooked for Mt.Timpanogos, which towers over it to the East. Because of this, not many people don't know this mountain even has a name. Except for peak baggers that is. This is one of those hikes every peak bagger must do, and even with a lot of peak experience, this one is daunting due to the steepness. 

Top 10 Peaks to Bag in Salt Lake City

The Top 10 Peaks to bag in Salt Lake City, UT are right out our back door - no more than a 30-45 minute drive, these peaks are some of my favorites I've hiked over the years! Whether you are a newbie to peak bagging, or have years of experience, the Wasatch Front offers something for everyone. Start with the easy ones, then work your way up to some of the hardest and longest in the area. Of course there are several more peaks that some would argue should have made my list, but those are for you to decide which are your favorite. Set some goals, and start peak bagging this summer!

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