• Moab

    Hiking the Pritchett Canyon/Hunter Canyon Rim Loop in Moab, Utah is not only a 4x4 enthusiasts dream jeeping route, but its a great hike or trail run! About Pritchett Canyon & Hunter Canyon are both located just West of Moab, by about 15 minutes in the Kane Creek area. It's a popular

  • Moab

    Hiking to Corona Arch, Moab

    Corona Arch is one of Moab's most popular trails and one of the most impressive arches in Southern Utah. From Moab, Corona Arch is closer than that of any arch in Arches National Park, and dogs are allowed (whereas in Arches NP dogs aren't allowed to hike any trails).

  • Moab

    Hiking to Jeep Arch, Moab

    Jeep Arch, located only 15 minutes from Moab, Utah is one of the many amazing arches this area has to offer hikers. Its neighbor, Corona Arch, sees thousands of people a year yet Jeep Arch is a mere 0.3 miles down the same road and sees way less people. From it's name, you'd think it's a stop along the annual Jeep Safari routes, however no motorized vehicles (nor mountain bikes) are allowed on this trail. The arch got its name for the resemblance of a cut out of a cartoonish Jeep built into the natural sandstone.
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