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Hiking the South Ridge to Mt. Wire, Hiking in Utah with Dogs

The South Ridge to Mt.Wire can be hiked year round, and overlooks the University of Utah, Emigration Canyon, and Red Butte Canyon. Unfortunately, Mt.Wire isn't much to look at. But what this little hill lacks in prestige, it more than makes up for with steep trails, nice views of the valley, and a spacious top to stretch out and enjoy the scenery. Plus, if you are brave enough, you can climb up the old radio tower! There are two main routes to get to the summit - this way up past The Living Room, or up the South Ridge, the route I will be describing.

Hiking to Flat Top Mountain, Oquirrh Mountains

Flat Top Mountain (10,620 ft) is the highest peak in the Oquirrh Mountains (pronounced like "oaker") in Utah, which lies to the southwest of Salt Lake City. Most of the Oquirrhs are private property and mining land for the Rio Tinto Kennecott Mine, however the two areas you are allowed to hike are in Butterfield Canyon, and the Flat Top Mountain trail (update: 2019 land access below). Flat Top Mountain has a prominence of 5,370 ft, making it Utah's 6th highest prominent peak.

Hiking to Mt.Elliott, Book Cliff Mountains

Mt.Elliott (7,142 ft) is located along the Book Cliff Mountains, in between Price, Utah and I-70. Ever driven to Moab from SLC? Then you've passed this peak and know exactly where it is! Near the town of Woodside, UT there is an abandoned gas station with people sometimes selling jerky. Look directly up and SW, and you'll see this pointy peak clearly. You can't miss it, it sticks out because of it's jagged yet isolated summit. This obscure peak ranks #24 out of 29 on the Utah Country Prominence Peak list, and because of its low popularity, only a handful of people will make it to the summit each year.

Hiking to Fish Lake Hightop, Sevier County High PointFish Lake Hightop (11,633 ft) is the Sevier County High Point, and popular among those completing the Utah County High Points (CoHPs) list. Fish Lake Hightop was my very last one and I was sooo excited to finish the list! My very first CoHP was actually Deseret Peak back in 2014, so this list took me years to complete. When I first started bagging peaks I didn't know the CoHP list even existed I just wanted to hike to cool places. Fish Lake Hightop was no different - it took me to a new part of the state I had never been, Fish Lake, which is about an hour southeast of Salina, UT.

Boulder Top (Bluebell Knoll), Wayne County High PointBoulder Top (aka Bluebell Knoll) sits at 11,322 ft high on the Aquarius Plateau, in-between Loa, Utah and Boulder, Utah. Most people come to this "peak" to mark it off their list on the Utah County High Points (CoHPs), for Wayne County. On that list, it is one of the easiest. It's not a hike, but rather a scenic drive with about a 10 minute walk to the summit, which sits in a grove of forested trees, yet also has a view of the nearby Raft Lake just below the summit.

Hike to Clayton Peak via Brighton Ski Resort

Clayton Peak (10,721 ft) is a fun local peak located at the top of Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It's right on the ridge of the watershed, so if hiking this route, dogs are not allowed. However, dogs can make the summit from Bloods Lake Trailhead, and going that way is allowed for them. This time, however, my friend and I decided to hike to Clayton Peak via Brighton Ski Resort. I hadn't hiked this route in over four years so it was time to revisit this trail. 

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