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Monument Peak, Carbon County High PointMonument Peak (10, 452 ft) is the the Carbon County High Point, and for those working on the Utah County High Points (CoHPs), this one is the easiest since you can drive to the summit. It's located along the Wasatch Plateau, and because its simply a drive, it should be combined with other CoHPs such as East Mountain and South Tent Mountain. There is nothing special about this peak except for the fact that you can see three CoHPs from the summit. The best time to drive here is in late Summer to Fall when the road is completely dry.

Hiking to East Mountain, Emery County High Point

East Mountain (10,743 ft) is the Emery County High Point, and is one of several peaks along the Wasatch Plateau. The hike itself is straight forward, following a well-worn trail used by horses, hunters, and hikers. The main reason why people hike to this peak is for checking off the Utah County High Points (CoHPs) list. It's one of the easier CoHPs, and is often combined with Monument Peak, South Tent Mountain, or all three in one day. For our trip, we only did East & Monument on the same day since I had hiked South Tent Mountain a month earlier. From the summit you can see three CoHPs. Camping is plentiful and the drive is scenic. Both dogs and older kids can hike this route.


Climbing the South Ridge of Mt.Superior

The South Ridge of Mt.Superior is a popular class 5 scramble to reach the summit. You can hike this on an actual trail this route, however the appeal of taking the South Ridge is that is offers a more challenging & technical approach. The South Ridge of Superior is considered a "Wasatch Classic" scramble with a lot of exposure and big views. It is highly recommended that if this is your first time taking this route, to go with someone who knows the way and can also help coach you through tough and exposed spots.

Hiking to Mt. Superior & Monte Cristo Peak

Mount Superior (11,040ft) & Monte Cristo Peak (11,132 ft) are two classic and iconic Wasatch Peaks that every peak bagger should summit. Both peaks dominate the Little Cottonwood Canyon Ridge, and are focal points to the north when skiing at Alta or Snowbird. Both Mt. Superior and Monte Cristo are summited year round - in the winter by backcountry skiers, and in the summer by hikers looking for a fun little scramble.

Hiking to South Tent Mountain, Sanpete County High Point

South Tent Mountain (11,285 ft) is the Sanpete County High Point, and an amazing hike along a ridge with wide, open views the entire hike. Most people chose to hike South to North (on the South end of the mountain) and just aim for the South Tent saddle. However, we hiked the entire ridge to also bag North Tent Mountain (11,230 ft). The ridge is a very easy hike, and no technical gear or scrambling is required. This route is only 5 miles RT - only a little longer than the traditional saddle route, yet you'll bag two peaks.

Hiking to Mine Camp Peak, Millard County High Point, Utah county high points

Mine Camp Peak (10, 222ft) is the Millard County High Point (CoHP), and one of the easiest to summit out of all the CoHPs at only 1 mile round trip. The drive will take much longer than the actual hike, so be prepared to spend close to half a day at least to summit this peak, and make the drive in and out. Mine Camp Peak should be combined with other peaks in the area since it's so short. In one weekend, we knocked out Brian Head Peak (Iron County High Point), Andy Nelson Peak & the Kane County High Point, Cascade Falls, and South Tent Mountain (Sanpete County High Point). Camping is available right at the trailhead, but only 2-3 tents can fit and one car can park there. This trail is both dog and kid-friendly!

Brian Head Peak, Iron County High Point

Brian Head Peak (11,307ft) is the Iron County High Point, and located at Brian Head Ski Resort. There is no hiking, but rather a very casual walk to the summit that even kids can do. It's a great place to take visitors and tourists to "bag" a peak they can literally drive to and have amazing views of the area. The gate to drive to the summit is typically open June though October, or whenever it's free of snow and dry. Even in summer the temperatures can be quite chilly up there at that high of elevation. Bring a light jacket and a camera, and check out the views!

Hiking to Andy Nelson Peak & Kane County High Point

The Kane County High Point (10,080 ft) is located on a small ridge similar to the Wasatch County High point, rather than on an actual peak. The highest actual peak, Andy Nelson Peak (10,027 ft) is nearby so it is worth to do both on the same day. In one day, we actually did the Kane CoHP, Andy Nelson Peak, hiked Cascade Falls, drove through the lava fields, and then drove to the Iron County HP (Brian Head Peak). 

Hiking to Murdock Mountain, Uintas, Day hiking in the Uintas, Uinta peak bagging

Murdock Mountain (11,212 ft) is located in the High Uintas Wilderness, right off the Mirror Lake Highway. While its neighbor peak, Bald Mountain, see hundreds of hikers each summer, less than 50-75 people will make the Murdock Mountain summit each year. While there is no trail, hiking up the boulder field is fairly easy and only 1 mile to reach the top. The 360 degree views can't be beat, and you're not likely to see people up there either. 

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