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Soaking at Red Hill Hot Springs, Utah

Red Hill Hot Springs is a popular soaking destination in central Utah, in Monroe. It consists of four pools, all fed by one very hot water source on top of the mound above the pools. Because this hot springs is free (and also on private property), it gets very crowded especially on weekends. The owners allow people to visit as long as the place is cleaned up after and not destroyed. This is a great place for families looking for a really nice hot springs that you don't have to hike it.

Meadow Hot Springs, Utah, Hot Springs in Utah, Dog friendly Hot Springs

Meadow Hot Springs in Central Utah is a great family-friendly spot to hang out and soak in warm water. It's conveniently located right of I-15 and there's no hiking involved, so it makes for a great, quick soak when you are on a road trip. Meadow Hot Springs is located on private property in the middle of a cow pasture, but they do allow public access. There are a total of three pools to soak in, all around 100F degrees. The most popular pool is one of the smallest and closest to the parking area, and it is also the warmest. Each of the pools have algae in them, so it is wise to wear water shoes to keep from slipping on the rocks under water.

Soaking at Baker Hot Springs, Utah

Baker Hot Springs is a small, natural hot springs located in Central Utah, not too far from Delta, Utah. The source of the hot springs is around 180F, but a trench helps the water flow down to three large tubs and cools off the further you are away from the source. The tub closest to the source is the hottest, the middle tub is, well in the middle for temperatures, and the furtherest is the coolest. However, you can "regulate" the temperature by using one of the provided rags to block out the hot water and let cold water from a pipe in.

Soaking at Crystal Hot Springs, Hot Springs in Utah

Crystal Hot Springs is a natural hot springs in Northern Utah that ranges from 120-134 degrees F. The swimming pools are regulated so that you can soak in a range of temperatures from 98-105F. Crystal Hot Springs also contains the highest mineral content found in the world! It has roughly 46,000 mg/L - the average hot spring has closer to 1,000 mg/L. You'll notice this mineral content, as you lick your lips or wipe your hands over your face - it's very salty tasting. Get ready to soak in a 22,000 year old hot spring!

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