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Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah


Saratoga Hot Springs is a local warm spring, located in Saratoga Springs, Utah right on the NW edge of Utah Lake. It’s is about 20 x 30 ft in size, and very shallow around 1-2 feet deep, surrounding by tall lakeside grass.


This spring is on the lukewarm side, but I’ve been told that if you dig your feet deeper into the mud it’s hotter.

Ummm, no thanks. I’ll be honest – I didn’t, no couldn’t, even get in this mud hole. When I first arrived there were about six people soaking, and only two remained in it as I walked around the area. I have a thing with water – if I can’t see my feet I’m not getting in. It just freaks me out, and I don’t like not knowing what I’m stepping on, even if I am wearing Chacos. There seemed to be quite a bit of algae around the edges, and well, that’s a big no for me too haha!

I applaud those of you brave enough to get in – it’s not “my kind” of hot springs so I just explored the area, walked out to the lake, and tested the temperature of the water with my fingers. If you do plan to soak, there are a few benches and spots to hang up your towel or robe. There were also several unusual people also hanging around that made me feel a little uncomfortable, so if you bring kids, keep an eye on them. Always bring a trash bag to carry out trash as well, and always wear water shoes in case there’s glass on the bottom or around the edges.



Head south on I-15 and exit onto N. Thanksgiving Way, then right on Triumph Blvd. This turns into N 2300 W. The road eventually curves around and turns into W 7200 N. Turn left at the sign for Inlet Park, and park here. Here is a driving map.

Trail Info

Distance: 0.3 miles one way

Elevation gain: Flat

Time: 30 min + depending on how long you soak

Dog friendly? Yes, ON leash

Kid friendly? Yes!

Fees/Permits? None


Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

Start by parking at Inlet Park, then follow the paved path South.

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

It was VERY cold the day we went, so Charlie kept his Quinzee jacket on, and of course dogs have to be on-leash here.

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

The paved path then turns to dirt, and you’ll take a slight left.

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

Well that was fast – we reached Saratoga Hot Springs in around 10 minutes.

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

The evening light was very pretty. I just couldn’t justify getting in the pool myself.

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

So we walked out to Utah Lake, about a 2-3 minute walk from the pool.

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

Soaking in the sunlight instead of the water!

Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah
It’s crazy hot close this hot springs is to the city and houses, but it’s seperated enough you do feel like you’re somewhere different.
Visiting Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah

Two brave girls stayed in for awhile as I walked around. Brave! I just don’t like swimming in mud holes. But hey, at least I can say I’ve been there now! Don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.



Trail Map

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Saratoga Hot Springs


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