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Hiking Upper Muley Twist, Capitol Reef National Park

Hiking Upper Muley Twist is located in Capitol Reef National Park (CRNP), and this route covers extremely varied terrain - from deep and narrow, to high and exposed, all within a relatively short distance. It begins in a canyon paralleling the spine of the Waterpocket Fold, a 100 mile long ridge that juts out from the upper crust of the landscape. This long "monocline" is one of the longest in the world! The bizarre landscape is made of brilliantly colored rocks, including at least 7 visible arches, natural bridges, slot canyons, fins, domes, and more. Hiking Upper Muley Twist gives you the grand tour of this area, so it's a must-do!

Lodging at the Geyser Pass Yurt, Backcountry Skiing Geyser Pass

The Geyser Pass Yurt is located in the LaSal Mountains, just outside of Moab, Utah. To reach this yurt requires a 4 mile ski or snowshoe in, following the forest road that is usually drive-able in summer months. It's located right in the pass, just to the SE of Haystack Mountain and to the south of Mt.Tomasaki at 10,500 ft!  While on the Manti-LaSal National Forest land, this is a privately owned yurt by Talking Mountain Yurts (TMY). They have a special permit for their yurt to be on National Forest land.

Hiking to Wiregrass Canyon Arch, Lake Powell

Wiregrass Canyon is one of many drainages that flow into Lake Powell, and offers a fun moderate hike. If you had a full day, you could reach the shore of Lake Powell, but most people only hike to the arch and back in just a few hours. Wiregrass Canyon Arch isn't the only attraction - tall, white canyon walls with two sections of light scrambling make this enjoyable for the whole family. The first 1/2 mile winds through a dry wash, before entering the canyon, where the fun begins.

Hiking to The Nautilus

The Nautilus is a delicate and beautiful rock formation made of wind and water eroded sandstone, at the edge of a small ravine near the Paria River, a mere 9 miles Northeast of The Wave. The Nautilus is an outcrop of a soft, thin-layered rock with a rippled surface texture, with the formation of a corkscrew-like gully. It's reminiscent of a conch shell, hence the term nautilus.

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