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Hiking to Mt. Watson, Uintas, Hiking with dogs in the Uintas, Hiking with dogs in Utah, Hiking in the Uintas

Mt. Watson (11,521 ft) is located on the West end of the High Uintas Wilderness, and though it is surrounded by several popular trails and lakes, most people do not summit this peak. There is a trail for the first 2 miles, but you're on your own after that to reach the top. That's what makes part of this peak fun - it's a "choose your own path" adventure!

Hiking to Nobletts Creek, Uintas

Noblett's Creek, located in the Southwestern end of the Uinta Mountains, is a good early/pre-season hike when the rest of the high elevation hikes in the Uintas are still covered with snow and mud. Because Noblett's Creek is at an elevation of 7,400 ft it is typically ready to hike by end of May/early June (depending on the snow pack from Winter). This trail is really short at only 2 miles round trip, making it perfect for families and kids.

Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah

The Limber Flag Yurt is in the far East Uintas, roughly 33 miles north of Vernal, Utah and only 16 miles south of the Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Center. The Limber Flag Yurt overlooks the Uinta Basin, and Red Fleet State Park area to the South - at night you can actually see Vernal's city lights! To get to this yurt requires a 3 mile hike (no motorized travel is allowed December - March). You can snowshoe or ski, though I don't recommend skiing here unless this area has a really big snow year. Otherwise you'll have to constantly pick up your skis to cross logs and low sage brush. 

Lily Lake Yurt Trip, Camping in a yurt, Yurts of Utah, Yurts in the Uintas, Uinta Yurts, Yurts with Dogs, Yurts with Kids

The Lily Lake Yurt sits at 9,000 ft elevation in the High Uintas of Utah and is only accessible during winter months. The Bear River Outdoor Recreation Alliance (BRORA), a non-profit corporation, manages the Lily Lake Yurt plus four other yurts including the Bear Claw Yurt, Ridge Yurt, East Fork Yurt, and Boundary Creek Yurt. Getting to the yurt in Winter typically requires snowshoes or skis and a little route finding. BRORA has done a great job of maintaining the yurts, placing trail signs, and protecting the Bear River area.

Hiking to Hayden Peak, Uintas

Hayden Peak (12,479 ft) stands out for anyone who's driven along the Mirror Lake Highway in the Uintas. This rugged peak is quite intimidating from the road, but for Peak Baggers that's nothing to prevent us from climbing it. Hiking to the summit of Hayden Peak is NOT for the beginner hiker nor the beginner peak bagger. You should be comfortable hiking across narrow ridges, class 3 scrambles, and route finding. There is either a very faint, or non-existent trail. Though this route is only 2 miles one way, you'll gain a total of just over 2,000 ft. 

Backpacking to Priord Lake, Uintas

Priord Lake sits high in the Uintas in Ashley National Forest at roughly 11,000 ft. The water is an incredible turquoise color, with the Prior Cirque, Priord Peak, and Yard Peak as a beautiful backdrop. The scenery here is unreal, however it takes some advanced navigation skills to get there. The trail has the three bad "Ms" - marshy, mucky, and moist. Horse and cow poops also lines the trail. The trail is also either very faint, or non-existent at times, therefore, this is not a good trail for beginner backpackers.

Backpacking to Farmer's Lake,Timothy Lakes Basin, Uintas

Farmer's Lake is a lake in the Timothy Lakes Basin in the High Uintas. The trail follows the Swift Creek Trail, as it gains 3,000 ft in 9 miles. There are several other lakes you could backpack to including East or West Timothy Lakes, and Carroll Lakes. Backpacking to this area requires at least a one night minimum stay - two nights is preferred. There is plenty to explore as a day hike in the area and even bag some peaks. The best part about this trail and lake is that we didn't see anybody over 3 days on a weekend! You'll find plenty of solitude here.

Today's Guest Post comes from Heather Lyon! She, her husband, and dogs recently took a backpacking trip to Granddaddy Basin in the Uintas, and she's here to let us know all about it!

By Heather Lyon

The Uinta National Forest about an hour due East of Park City, Utah is known for many things. Some of these include Kings Peak, over 1,000 alpine lakes, awesome fishing, and our favorite - prime backpacking. It's so simple to go there. Just buy a map, pick a trail, and how far in you want to go. You will surely find yourself with some of the best views at your chosen campsite for the evening.

Hiking to Notch Mountain (West Summit), Uintas

The West Summit of Notch Mountain (11,206 ft) is near "The Notch", an opening in between the West and East summits. The Notch is the high, open area on the Notch Mountain Trail by Lovenia Lake and Twin Lakes. Hiking to the West summit is fairly easy for seasoned peak baggers, and offers a good intro to peak bagging for newbies. There is a trail all the way to The Notch, after that you need to find your own route. It's not hard though, just steep hiking over medium sized boulders. Be careful where you step as some boulders are uneven - always test it out before putting all of your weight on the boulder.

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