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The Lily Lake Yurt sits at 9,000 ft elevation in the High Uintas of Utah and is only accessible during winter months. The Bear River Outdoor Recreation Alliance (BRORA), a non-profit corporation, manages the Lily Lake Yurt plus four other yurts including the Bear Claw Yurt, Ridge Yurt, East Fork Yurt, and Boundary Creek Yurt. Getting to the yurt in Winter typically requires snowshoes or skis and a little route finding. BRORA has done a great job of maintaining the yurts, placing trail signs, and protecting the Bear River area.

Hiking Neff's Canyon to the Ridge

Neff's Canyon is located just south of Millcreek Canyon near Mt. Olympus, which starts in the White Hill Estates neighborhood. The trail works steeply up the ravine until it reaches a popular turnaround point, the meadow, and continues on to the ridge. Neff's Canyon gains a steady elevation of 1,000 ft per mile, so you'll definitely get a great workout in. Hike up as far as you feel like it, or make it all the way to the ridge where you'll have an amazing view looking down into Big Cottonwood Canyon.

10 Tips for Backpacking Buckskin Gulch, Backpacking Buckskin Gulch with Dogs

Here are 10 tips for backpacking Buckskin Gulch! Backpacking Buckskin Gulch is a one of a kind adventure - not only do you get to travel through the world's longest and deepest slot canyon, but you have some of the most amazing views of long hallways with rocks towering 200-300 ft above you, hiking through dark sections of molded rock, climbing over obstacles, but also get to experience camping overnight in this amazing area. While this canyon has been nicknamed the "worlds most dangerous hike" it also often appears as one of the top "must-do hikes" in the world! As long as you go prepared, it's a trip of a lifetime!

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