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Lodging at the Geyser Pass Yurt, Backcountry Skiing Geyser Pass

The Geyser Pass Yurt is located in the LaSal Mountains, just outside of Moab, Utah. To reach this yurt requires a 4 mile ski or snowshoe in, following the forest road that is usually drive-able in summer months. It's located right in the pass, just to the SE of Haystack Mountain and to the south of Mt.Tomasaki at 10,500 ft!  While on the Manti-LaSal National Forest land, this is a privately owned yurt by Talking Mountain Yurts (TMY). They have a special permit for their yurt to be on National Forest land.

Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts

The Monte Cristo Yurt is one of Utah's newest yurts! You guys know I love yurts - every year my partner and I stay in a different location as we love exploring new terrain, staying in unique living spaces, relaxing and playing games, as well as venturing out on our skis to survey the land. Well this year I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to reserve the Monte Cristo Yurt.

Mill Hollow Yurt Trip, Hiking to the Mill Hollow Backcountry Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Yurts in the Uintas, Dog Friendly Yurts, Mill HollowThe Mill Hollow Backcountry Yurt is located in the High Uintas Wilderness, with a 6 mile hike/ski/snowshoe to reach the yurt. The "trail" follows HWY 35 for 3 miles, before turning off onto forest roads. This ski in requires you to have comfortable backcountry skills, as well as appropriate gear (beacon, shovel, & probe), as avalanches have occurred here. The hike/ski in is well worth it, as you are surrounded by a winter wonderland, yet have a warm hut to hang out in. Plan to spend at least two nights here - one night is not enough to fully enjoy the area, get out for a tour, or relax.

Limber Flag Yurt, Utah, Yurts of Utah

The Limber Flag Yurt is in the far East Uintas, roughly 33 miles north of Vernal, Utah and only 16 miles south of the Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Center. The Limber Flag Yurt overlooks the Uinta Basin, and Red Fleet State Park area to the South - at night you can actually see Vernal's city lights! To get to this yurt requires a 3 mile hike (no motorized travel is allowed December - March). You can snowshoe or ski, though I don't recommend skiing here unless this area has a really big snow year. Otherwise you'll have to constantly pick up your skis to cross logs and low sage brush. 

Lily Lake Yurt Trip, Camping in a yurt, Yurts of Utah, Yurts in the Uintas, Uinta Yurts, Yurts with Dogs, Yurts with Kids

The Lily Lake Yurt sits at 9,000 ft elevation in the High Uintas of Utah and is only accessible during winter months. The Bear River Outdoor Recreation Alliance (BRORA), a non-profit corporation, manages the Lily Lake Yurt plus four other yurts including the Bear Claw Yurt, Ridge Yurt, East Fork Yurt, and Boundary Creek Yurt. Getting to the yurt in Winter typically requires snowshoes or skis and a little route finding. BRORA has done a great job of maintaining the yurts, placing trail signs, and protecting the Bear River area.

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