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Lodging at the Dead Horse State Park Yurt - Moenkopi Yurts

The Dead Horse State Park Yurts, called the Moenkopi Yurts, are located only 40 minutes from Moab, Utah yet offer a quiet, scenic setting.


With five yurts in one cul-de-sac setting, these yurts are close enough to Moab that you feel like you are getting “out of the city”, yet close enough to drive in for the night for dinner and drinks. The Moenkopi Yurts are also located only 1.5 miles from the Dead Horse State Park visitor center, which provides access to endless trails and views. In fact, if you enjoy mountain biking, you can ride out from the front door of each yurt!

The Moenkopi Yurts are also special in two ways. One, they provide heat! Yes, you read that right – electric heat. No worrying about keeping a wood stove burning all night and freezing your butt off in the mornings! Second, no kitchen is provided. A propane grill is provided outside because no open flames are allowed inside the yurts. That means for cooking, you need to bring the entire kitchen with you – pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, etc. The easier the meal prep you can make it the better.

For our first night in the yurt I bought one of those CostCo chicken pot pies and just baked it right on the grill. It turned out perfect without any meal prep, cooking or cleanup, plus it easily fed 5 people. The second night, we went out for dinner in Moab.

These yurts also provide a central area with flush toilets with running hot water – but no showers. Bringing wipes like Klean Freak Wipes are super handy to “bathe” at night. Get 20% off your entire order, use the code “GIRLONAHIKE” at checkout!


From I-70, head South on HWY 191. Turn right at the sign for Dead Horse State Park, HWY 313. Continue following the signs for Dead Horse State Park, and then finally Moenkopi Yurts. Here is a driving map.

Trail Info

There is no hiking involved to reach it – this is a drive-up yurt!


How can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made on Reserve America! In the “Site Type”, select “Cabins and Yurts”.

All campsites and yurts are available for reservation on a four-month rolling basis. For example, on January 10 individual sites are available for reservation through May 10. You can book a maximum of 13 days beyond the last date of the reservation window. I highly recommend setting a reminder to reserve your yurt ASAP. The weekend I got mine, the rest sold out within minutes for the particular weekend I wanted.

You will get an email with the lockbox code to access the yurt a few days prior to your trip.

How much does it cost to stay at the yurt?

Pricing is $150/night plus an additional fee of $20 per dog per night. There is also an extra $20 for a 2nd vehicle.

How many people can stay in the yurt?

A max of 6 people can sleep in here, but I don’t recommend more than 5 (plus dogs). This is just because you need at least one area to put all your gear to hang up and dry, and the beds are a little small (double beds).

What does the yurt provide?

The Dead Horse State Park Yurts only comes with 3 double beds with mattresses, a table with 6 chairs, and a propane grill. That’s it.

You need to bring everything else – cookware, utensils, plates, cups, firewood, cleaning supplies, entertainment, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

Is there water access?

No, you will need to bring your own. This is the jug that I have and use. I’ve had this jug for over a year and it’s the best out there. There is a water refill station inside the visitor center, and this jug barely fits under it. You can also refill water bottles there.

What should I bring?

I always just wear my Crocs with thick socks. Slippers work too.

Games, alcohol, food, your own entertainment

Power banks and cords (there are also power outlets!)

Sleeping bag, pillow


Check out my video for the full tour of the Dead Horse State Park – Moenkopi Yurt!


Again, reservations can be made on Reserve America! In the “Site Type”, select “Cabins and Yurts”.


Nearby Hike

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Hiking to Corona Arch, Moab

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