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Hiking Waterfall Canyon, Ogden

Waterfall Canyon is located in Ogden, UT and is a gorgeous 200 ft waterfall. This short but sweet hike will definitely get your heart pumping - the trail climbs just over 1,000 ft in 1.25 miles. Waterfall Canyon is accessible year-round, but I find it prettiest in the winter when the waterfall is frozen. I can't help but sing to myself, "Let it go! Let it go!" from the movie Frozen.

Hiking to Flat Top Mountain, Oquirrh Mountains

Flat Top Mountain (10,620 ft) is the highest peak in the Oquirrh Mountains (pronounced like "oaker") in Utah, which lies to the southwest of Salt Lake City. Most of the Oquirrhs are private property and mining land for the Rio Tinto Kennecott Mine, however the two areas you are allowed to hike are in Butterfield Canyon, and the Flat Top Mountain trail (update: 2019 land access below). Flat Top Mountain has a prominence of 5,370 ft, making it Utah's 6th highest prominent peak.

Hiking the Cottonwood Wash Trail, San Rafael Swell

The Cottonwood Wash Trail is located in the heart of the San Rafael Swell, which offers two arches and several petroglyphs to view. It's a very easy hike, as the canyon is flat. The hardest part is walking up a 100 ft section of trail leading to the petroglyphs. That being said, this is a great canyon to explore with kids. The best time to visit is early Spring and late Fall when the day time temps stay below 70F - in October the Cottonwoods were bursting in yellow! 

Camping & Exploring The Wedge Overlook

The Wedge Overlook is located in the San Rafael Swell only 3 hours from Salt Lake City. Often referred to as the "Little Grand Canyon", this destination offers expansive and stunning views similar to Grand Canyon National Park without the tourists, and fees, yet also allows dogs off leash. The Wedge was created from the San Rafael River carving into the terrain over millions of years. From the overlook you can see the San Rafael River, Window Blind Peak, Sid's Mountain Wilderness Study Area, and the lower Buckhorn Wash area.

Camping & Climbing at City of Rocks, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve is located near Almo, Idaho and is a popular area for climbing, hiking, camping, and learning about geology and local history. This area has several nicknames such as "the silent city", just "the city", and "steeple rocks", but whatever you want to call it, you're sure to find some adventure here. This area is rich with history, as pioneers made their way through this area along the California Trail. Several rocks, cabins, and replica wagons are marked with historical markers.

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