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Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts

The Monte Cristo Yurt is one of Utah's newest yurts! You guys know I love yurts - every year my partner and I stay in a different location as we love exploring new terrain, staying in unique living spaces, relaxing and playing games, as well as venturing out on our skis to survey the land. Well this year I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to reserve the Monte Cristo Yurt.

Hiking to the Ogden Canyon Overlook, Hiking in Utah with Dogs, Hiking near Snowbasin Ski Resort, Hiking in Ogden, Utah

The Ogden Canyon Overlook starts from Snowbasin Ski Resort, and for little effort, leads to an amazing view down to Ogden, Utah and surrounding canyons. Winter is an amazing time to hike or snowshoe here, as there are no bikes riding this route and no campers at the Maples Campground to worry about with your dogs. As you hike this route, you'll see this backcountry area blanketed in white, beautiful snow-capped trees, and after two switchbacks, you'll reach the most rewarding part - the overlook. Grab your pups and get out in the snow!

Hiking Waterfall Canyon, Ogden

Waterfall Canyon is located in Ogden, UT and is a gorgeous 200 ft waterfall. This short but sweet hike will definitely get your heart pumping - the trail climbs just over 1,000 ft in 1.25 miles. Waterfall Canyon is accessible year-round, but I find it prettiest in the winter when the waterfall is frozen. I can't help but sing to myself, "Let it go! Let it go!" from the movie Frozen.

Hiking to Bridger Peak, Rich County High Point

Bridger Peak (9,225 ft) is the Rich County High Point, but also the lowest in elevation of all Utah County High Points (CoHPs)! Bridger Peak was Unnamed Peak until 1999 when the Tribune ran a contest for someone to name the peak. Briger Peak won for Jim Bridger who was an early explorer of Utah and the Yellowstone area, Now Yellowstone National Park.  He was a great mediator between the Native American tribes and European-American settlers, and was in excellent shape aiding him to explore the West.

Hiking to Dude Benchmark Peak

Dude Benchmark Peak (7,212 ft) is the high point in between Salt Lake City & Bountiful, Utah. The ridge extends for miles, with City Creek Canyon below to the South and views of Thurston Peak and Ben Lomond Peak to the North. There are several routes to reach Dude Peak, but the easiest is from the North side in Bountiful, starting from a neighborhood trailhead. The hike itself is easy in that there is nothing technical or super steep. It follows the rolling hills along the ridge, with several up and downs, until it reaches the small rocky outcropping overlooking the entire East side of the Salt Lake Valley. Some sections are rocky, but lasts for a short time.

Soaking at Crystal Hot Springs, Hot Springs in Utah

Crystal Hot Springs is a natural hot springs in Northern Utah that ranges from 120-134 degrees F. The swimming pools are regulated so that you can soak in a range of temperatures from 98-105F. Crystal Hot Springs also contains the highest mineral content found in the world! It has roughly 46,000 mg/L - the average hot spring has closer to 1,000 mg/L. You'll notice this mineral content, as you lick your lips or wipe your hands over your face - it's very salty tasting. Get ready to soak in a 22,000 year old hot spring!

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