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Camping & Exploring The Wedge Overlook

The Wedge Overlook is located in the San Rafael Swell only 3 hours from Salt Lake City. Often referred to as the "Little Grand Canyon", this destination offers expansive and stunning views similar to Grand Canyon National Park without the tourists, and fees, yet also allows dogs off leash. The Wedge was created from the San Rafael River carving into the terrain over millions of years. From the overlook you can see the San Rafael River, Window Blind Peak, Sid's Mountain Wilderness Study Area, and the lower Buckhorn Wash area.

Camping & Climbing at City of Rocks, Idaho

City of Rocks National Reserve is located near Almo, Idaho and is a popular area for climbing, hiking, camping, and learning about geology and local history. This area has several nicknames such as "the silent city", just "the city", and "steeple rocks", but whatever you want to call it, you're sure to find some adventure here. This area is rich with history, as pioneers made their way through this area along the California Trail. Several rocks, cabins, and replica wagons are marked with historical markers.

How to Camp for FREE In Utah!

Here's everything you need to know, on How to Camp for FREE in Utah! Breathing fresh air, relaxing in a camp chair, drink in your hand, the dogs and kids are running around getting muddy, and the fire crackles in the distance. Camping is one of my most enjoyable experience during summer, but it doesn't have to cost money. Many people think camping is "too expensive" or "too hard" to get to a "good" campsite. Sure it may cost money to get all your gear, but after that, camping (and backpacking in particular) can be free, especially in Utah!

Goosenecks State Park, Camping at Goosenecks State Park, Utah

 High above the meandering San Juan River, lies Goosenecks State Park. This largely undeveloped park is home to a rare geological featured known as the Entrenched Meander. This refers to a river that is confined to a canyon or gorge, and in most cases is narrow with very little or no flood plain. The headwaters of the San Juan River are in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado, which is the origin for 90% of the rivers' flow. The river flows 360 miles from its source, starting at an elevation of 14,000 ft and dropping to just 3,600 ft at Lake Powell.

Sand Flats Recreation Area, Camping with dogs in Moab

The Sand Flats Recreation Area is located just outside of Moab, UT, about 5-10 minutes to the East. Sand Flats is a nationally significant public land area at the heart of the Colorado Plateau. With high slickrock domes, bowls, and fins, it meets the colorful mesas with views of the La Sal Mountains to the East. Just to the North lies Arches National Park, and to the West, Canyonlands National Park. Sand Flats is home to one of the most famous mountain biking and hiking trails, Slickrock Trail and the nearby Grandstaff Canyon. Sand Flats is managed through Grand County and the BLM.

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