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Hiking the Tibble Fork Loop Trail, American Fork Canyon, Utah

 The Tibble Fork Loop Trail (trail #041 & #040) is located in American Fork Canyon, and starts at the Tibble Fork Reservoir, hence the appropriate name. This hike can be done year round, but I find it to be the prettiest during Winter when the trees are laden with snow, the reservoir is frozen over, and the trail offers a certain quietness. The trail steadily gains elevation for the first 2 miles, cuts through an amazing aspen grove and open meadow, then connects back to the Tibble Fork stream and main parking lot.

What to Wear while Hiking in Winter - For Women!

Winter is just around the corner, and that means switching from your summer hiking clothes to warm, insulated, and weather proof hiking clothes. Making the switch doesn't have to be hard, all you need is to know what kind of material to buy to help prevent you from  getting cold, getting wet, and worse, getting hypothermia. Winter is a great time to hit the trails - there are less people outside, and you will get to experience the peaceful beauty of fresh snow along the way. Zip up your jacket, grab some snacks, and let's hike in the snow!

Monte Cristo Yurt, Yurts of Utah, Utah Yurts

The Monte Cristo Yurt is one of Utah's newest yurts! You guys know I love yurts - every year my partner and I stay in a different location as we love exploring new terrain, staying in unique living spaces, relaxing and playing games, as well as venturing out on our skis to survey the land. Well this year I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to reserve the Monte Cristo Yurt.

Hiking to the Ogden Canyon Overlook, Hiking in Utah with Dogs, Hiking near Snowbasin Ski Resort, Hiking in Ogden, Utah

The Ogden Canyon Overlook starts from Snowbasin Ski Resort, and for little effort, leads to an amazing view down to Ogden, Utah and surrounding canyons. Winter is an amazing time to hike or snowshoe here, as there are no bikes riding this route and no campers at the Maples Campground to worry about with your dogs. As you hike this route, you'll see this backcountry area blanketed in white, beautiful snow-capped trees, and after two switchbacks, you'll reach the most rewarding part - the overlook. Grab your pups and get out in the snow!

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