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Hiking Grove Creek Canyon

Grove Creek Canyon is located to the east of Pleasant Grove, Utah. It leads you through a somewhat narrow canyon, that eventually connects with the Great Western Trail. Along the way you'll have an amazing view of South Mt. Timpanogos, and pass two waterfalls - the first which is inaccessible, and the 2nd you could probably find a way down to yet wouldn't be easy.

Hiking the Tibble Fork Loop Trail, American Fork Canyon, Utah

 The Tibble Fork Loop Trail (trail #041 & #040) is located in American Fork Canyon, and starts at the Tibble Fork Reservoir, hence the appropriate name. This hike can be done year round, but I find it to be the prettiest during Winter when the trees are laden with snow, the reservoir is frozen over, and the trail offers a certain quietness. The trail steadily gains elevation for the first 2 miles, cuts through an amazing aspen grove and open meadow, then connects back to the Tibble Fork stream and main parking lot.

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