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The 6 Best Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho

The 6 Best Things to do in Twin Falls, Idaho are all within a short drive! Over July 4th weekend we decided to check out this area for a few reasons. First is that most of you know I'm still recovering from foot surgery and am limited to 1 mile walks. Boring! Second, I needed to find an area that we could focus on getting our Alpacka Rafts out and/or easily walk up to cool sights. Third, I didn't want to drive super far - Twin Falls is only 3.5 hours from SLC! After doing a bunch of research on the area, this left us with several options, and over 2.5 days we checked out these amazing locations! From kayaking and very short walks, there is something for everyone in Twin Falls!

Playing Disc Golf at Solitude Mountain ResortThis weekend, I learned to play Disc Golf for the first time at Solitude Mountain Resort. Disc Golf, aka Frisbee Golf or FOLF, is much like traditional golf except instead of using clubs and a small ball, players use a disc or frisbee. Disc Golf shares the same object as regular golf, where the object of completing each hole is to get the disc in the target in the fewest throws or "stokes". The disc golf is thrown from a tee area to the target hole - an elevated metal basket. I decided to bring my friend (who also happens to be my boss at my regular job) along so I could have a "pro" show me how it was done and so I could learn the right way to play disc golf.

Nine Mile Canyon, Utah trail guide

From its name Nine Mile Canyon, you'd imagine that it would literally be nine miles. In reality, Nine Mile Canyon is actually a 70 mile long Backcountry Byway. The BLM believes it derived its name from, when in 1869, John Wesley Powell was exploring the Green River. The expeditions cartographer used a nine mile transect for mapping and the canyon retained that name.

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