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Gear Review: Colorado Aromatics Skincare

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care is a handcrafted skin care line that specifically addresses the needs of high altitude, arid climate and windy conditions. With winter right around the corner, Utah's weather has gotten even drier the last few weeks and I was in need of a product for my skin that could handle rough conditions. Based in Colorado, this skin care company combines the best of traditional herbal knowledge with modern science so that you can have the best skin care products to maintain vibrant, nourished skin.

Gear Review: Roadhouse Brewery Seltzy's

Roadhouse Brewing's newest addition to the line up of drinks are hard seltzers, called "Seltzy". I've been on a big seltzer kick this summer so when I found out about Seltzy, I had to give them a try. They are sold locally in five states in including Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, and their home state, Wyoming. Roadhouse Brewing has based in Jackson Hole since 2012, and they recently began to create these craft hard seltzers with zero added sugar and water from the Tetons!

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